If there is anything that the digital revolution has shown the world, it is that learning is infinite. There will always be something new to be discovered, analyzed, and transformed. This only underlines what we know to be true, great technology needs superior content.

As the demands for digital in education continue to grow, we offer what we have always offered—quality textbooks. But we go beyond media or platform, learning resources at Rex Digital means connecting the learner with knowledge beyond the page, beyond the tablet. It’s all about ensuring that a student learns with the help of technology.

Our library of digital titles is comprehensive, covering Basic Education, Tertiary and Law. Rex Book Store titles are now compatible with your Android and iOs devices with Rex Digital. Our eBook solutions are a good place to begin your own digital transformation. You will be among the thousands of students in schools around the country using Rex Digital textbooks.

We also offer blended learning solutions—combining the best of the traditional classroom with the growing potential of the 21st century classroom—with our partner, Schoology.

Let us empower you to educate your students!



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